Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hits Mari Moon Multigirl Glitter Shock

Once I saw the names of the polishes in this Hits Mari Moon pack, you know I had to have them! The box they come in is awesome, love the little heart window.

The set includes Cheesecake, Banana Split, Suspiro and Cucpake. Each is unique and fully packed with glitter! The bottles are also adorable.

Cheesecake actually reminds me of Revlon's Scandalous, but I think the big hexes in this are holo. Its a black jelly base with lots of magenta glitters everywhere! I did two layers over a Deborah Lippann black.

I found Cheesecake more appealing in matte though and no, not just because I love matte. You can really see the tiny hexes better in matte. 

Banana Split has a very sheer yellow base to it, with silver and rainbow hexes galore! I put one layer over Ulta Cream Of The Crop. 

With the matte you can barely see the color of the base that Banana Split is. I noticed there was a lot more green glitter than anything else, which is funny.

Suspiro is a sheer blue base with purple, silver and blue hexes. I'd have to say this is one of my favorites, its just so pretty. I layered two coats over China Glaze Sweet Hook.

Its even more stunning in matte and you can see more of the tiny hexes again. I just love it!

Cupcake is a pink jelly base with silver, rainbow and giant white hexes. I'd have to say this is my favorite because I love anything involving cupcakes, heh. I layered one coat over O.P.I Pink Friday.

I love how it jelly sandwiches itself. And there's so much glitter!

I really love the whole collection and would love to get more Mari Moon in the future.

Giveaway update!

I've received most of the prizes, but am waiting on around five more. I'm sorry we're behind schedule on it! But as soon as I get everything together I'll start ASAP! Thank you for being patient.


  1. I love these! waiting to get them in a swap with my Brazilian nail buddy))

  2. I want to have some of those glitters too. I believe they recently became available on Llarowe,Natalsie.At least there were a whole bunch of glitters,not sure if these are the same ones,I do recall the brand was Hits,though.I was drooling over them!