Friday, October 19, 2012

Nailgasm Review Pt. 2

Its time for part two of Nailgasm's lovely polish collection! I just want to add that Nailgasm also has really great customer service. I had a problem and she helped me right away!

Unicorn Barf is full of amazing matte glitters and tiny holo hexes. I only needed one coat to get this amazing coverage. I layered it over Essie Lilacism.

Snow Flurious is a minty green with a hint of blue. It has micro flakies in it, you can't really see, but they're beautiful! It also has light green and white hexes. And blue squares!

Ice Cream Dream is a creamy pink with tiny blue hexes, bigger pink hexes and purple squares. I really love this one because its so cute! 

I love the way Nailgasm mixes hexes with squares in a lot of her polishes. It really makes them unique!

You can purchase these wonderful polishes at Nailgasm!

And check out her Facebook page!


  1. Unicorn Barf is the prettiest,with those hex glitters,outstanding.I also love Ice Cream Dream.

    1. She really does a great job at creating her polishes. Ice Cream Dream is amazing!

  2. Ooooo I'm soooo loving Unicorn Barf!! <3

  3. I may be in love with Ice Cream Dream. It's so adorable. I also love Unicorn Barf the way you've paired it with Lilacism! :) (The name doesn't hurt, either, hahaha.)