Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try It On Tuesday: Candy Lacquer!

I've been waiting to do this post for awhile now. The moment I saw Candy Lacquer Frozen Treats I knew I had to have it! Unfortunately I missed the first sale of it, but was able to grab it on the second sale before it sold out again. I was amazed that it had sold out so quickly both times, within minutes! Candy Lacquer is popular!

Frozen Treats has it all! Multi-colored glitters, white flakes, squares and hexes. Jam packed with all this glittery goodness. The formula is really well done, the glitter is still suspended and there's no separation or color bleeding. 

I wanted to put it over a nice milkshake pink, so I used O.P.I Pink Friday. I did two coats to make sure I had the glitter where I wanted it. The only bad thing was my top coat bubbled a bit, but that didn't affect this beauty! Its so gorgeous, like candy bits on my nails!

You can check out Candy Lacquer here:



  1. GORGEOUS!! I love this! Now I want this polish!! Arrgh! <3

  2. I love the looks of Candy Lacquer polishes! I've had my eye on Afro Circus and Candies and Sprinkles for some time now. I hadn't ever really given Frozen Treats a second glance because of how much white is in it, but it looks gorgeous against Pink Friday! Like a Strawberry Milkshake with sprinkles. :P