Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indie Thursday: KBShimmer

So while looking around for indie brands and new polishes to swoon over, I came across KBShimmer. And I fell in love with some of their Clique and Circus collection, unfortunately there were two that were about to be retired. I was lucky enough to get my claws on them before the sold out! 

From the Clique collection is The Square, a purple jelly with tons and I mean tons of square glitters! I put two coats of it on top of Wet 'N Wild On A Trip. I had no problem with the squares curling or sticking out of my nails! I absolutely love the square glitters and that they're varying colors and sizes.

From the Circus collection is Cotton Candy, a pink jelly with pink hexes, purple squares and blue hexes all in different sizes. I layered it over Wet 'N Wild Candy-licious, two coats for good coverage. The squares did curl the teeniest bit, but they curled inward onto my nails, so it was to my advantage. 

I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in love with these two lovely polishes from KBShimmer. I highly suggest you check them out and get some for yourself because they have a great selection and gorgeous glitters!