Friday, August 10, 2012

Flakie Friday: Edge Of Glory & Finger Paints Asylum

Its Flakie Friday! And today I decided to review the Deborah Lippmann  for Gaga's Workshop Edge Of Glory set. I've had this sitting on my shelf since I got it and finally took it down to try on! I also wanted to do a small comparison against Finger Paints Asylum.

First of all the set and box are gorgeous. I love the black base that comes in this set. Its thick so you only really need one coat and its so shiny you'd think you had top coat on it already!

The flakie is a royal blue with orange, but if you turn the nail (as you can see on the edges of  my ring finger) its gold and green. I used two coats and my nails are just bursting with flakes!

This is Finger Paints Asylum on top of the black from the Deborah Lippmann set. I noticed the flakes were similar in color, a dark blue and an orange. The Finger Paints has a lot more orange in it and took three coats to get a good amount of flakies. I'd say they're almost identical!

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