Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Off With Their Heads!

The Queen of Hearts, she's got a royal temper and being queen has definitely gone to her head! I've been wanting to do a manicure featuring her for awhile now, but never did because I was so fearful of attempting the design in the middle of her dress. And this was my first time attempting checkered nails!

There is quite a lot going on with these nails, but they turned out so fun! So, first I painted my thumb and ring finger with Color Club Cadillac Red. I'm thinking of dong a tutorial on the checkers a little later, but I used tape and Deborah Lippmann Edge Of Glory for the black. For my index finger I painted half with O.P.I Flit A Bit and half with Color Club Almost Famous. 

I then covered half the nail with tape, cut little tape stripes and made the design and colored all the open spots with black. It was really hard to achieve, but I love how it turned out! My pinky is also Color Club Cadillac Red with a crown I cut out of tape. And finally my middle finger features a heart for her majesty because let's face it, if she were here today she'd be using her middle finger quite a bit.