Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've Got The Tiffany Blues

I recently picked up Nicole by O.P.I My Lifesaver and noticed I had a lot of similar Tiffany blues in my collection. I wanted to do a proper comparison, so let's see how they stand up against one another.

First of all, I wanted to do a shot of all of them together. You can see the Nicole is a more solid blue hue, while the others are more of a green hue. And the Color Club is much darker than the rest of the colors.

Next I did Color Club against China Glaze. The Color Club looks a little more like a sea foam green next to the China Glaze. The China Glaze is still a little green, but its a lot lighter.

And last I put Nicole up against Wet 'N Wild. They're not quite identical,  the Wet 'N Wild has a pinch more green. It seems the Nicole is the one that's the most blue.

 I really like all of these colors and am glad to see they're all a little different. 



  1. As the Pin says: They're not the same! They're SIMILAR! ^_^

    1. Its true, but its really hard to tell on some of these. Haha.