Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Topsy Turvy

I've been wanting to do a Clopin manicure for the longest time and yesterday decided to do it on a whim. I always loved his character in Hunchback of Notre Dame, full of fun and always ready to party! The reason I had a few days off is after dying my hair, my poor fingernails had gotten a bit stained and I had to work to get them back to where I was able to paint them without having purple fingertips!

For my thumb and middle finger I used NYC MoMa for a pink base and Sinful Colors Neptune to half it with gold striping tape down the middle. I really liked how the two came out because they look so similar to Clopin's top. For my index and ring finger I used Orly Charged Up for the base with gold tape on top, to represent his pants. And for the pinky I was trying to go for confetti, which didn't quite turn out right. I used Sinful Colors Neptune again with some gold flakies on top. All in all I really liked the way this manicure turned out, it brings out Topsy Turvy without being too wild and crazy!



  1. This is a great mani! Love the combo of colors :)

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award