Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

For this Tuesday I wanted to share something I've had sitting on my shelf for awhile and something I recently for in the mail!

I started this look off with Megan Miller Foxy, a new mushroom grey I happened to grab off Copious. I tried out an Essie I had won from Cosmo magazine. I absolutely love it, its tiny little golden glitters. Its just so shimmery!

Another polish I got off of Copious is Lacquer Convention Streetwalker. Its an awesome steel grey with multi-sized silver glitters in it. The big hex glitters curled slightly, but that doesn't stop me from loving this polish.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've Got The Tiffany Blues

I recently picked up Nicole by O.P.I My Lifesaver and noticed I had a lot of similar Tiffany blues in my collection. I wanted to do a proper comparison, so let's see how they stand up against one another.

First of all, I wanted to do a shot of all of them together. You can see the Nicole is a more solid blue hue, while the others are more of a green hue. And the Color Club is much darker than the rest of the colors.

Next I did Color Club against China Glaze. The Color Club looks a little more like a sea foam green next to the China Glaze. The China Glaze is still a little green, but its a lot lighter.

And last I put Nicole up against Wet 'N Wild. They're not quite identical,  the Wet 'N Wild has a pinch more green. It seems the Nicole is the one that's the most blue.

 I really like all of these colors and am glad to see they're all a little different. 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Deborah Lippmann's Let's Go Crazy

So yesterday I ventured down to my local Nordstrom for a chance to pick-up one of the limited edition Deborah Lippmann. When I got there, there was another girl at the display browsing, so I quickly grabbed what I wanted and it happened to be the last one! I was so excited that I ruined the manicure I was doing at the time, but I just had to rush out the door! And as soon as I got home I wanted to swatch this pretty polish.

Here's the best macro bottle shot I could get. This is a dark purple jelly filled with rainbow hex glitters.

It was so hard to capture the glitters in this gorgeous jelly sandwich-esque polish. 

I love how dark it is and how doing another coat can bury glitters, for layers of fabulous! I did two coats just on a base coat. It went on really easily and wasn't goopy or messy at all.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Treats!

So I noticed recently that my posts have a lot to so with sweets lately. If you haven't noticed I absolutely love anything sweet related and have declared to start collecting all polishes that have sweet looks or names! Also, today's post will feature some sweet looks I decided to try myself.

I'm calling this one creamy chocolate covered cherries. You probably can't see the glitter that well. I used Milani Hot Pink for the cherries, Spoiled Jewelry Heist for the chocolate and some white as a sort of jelly sandwich. It didn't turn out as well as I thought it would, but its not bad!

My second look is double mint chocolate chip, which turned out a bit better. I used Wet N Wild Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night from the Fergie collection as the chocolate chips and Sally Hansen Mint sorbet for the yummy mint ice cream. I think this one turned out a lot better! Its nice a creamy and really makes the black glitters look like chocolate chips.

My third look turned out the best, its strawberry cupcake! I used Wet N Wild School Of Pyrotechnics for the sprinkles and Sinful Colors Tutu for the strawberry icing. I think this was the best jelly sandwich ever! It looks so cute and tasty! 

I'm definitely going on the lookout for more jelly polishes because I have officially fallen for jelly sandwich nails!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

I wanted to skip a post so that I could participate in Try It On Tuesday and still post every other day! So here I am, except it was about time to cut my nails down. I don't usually cut them down to the skin, but my right hand has been suffering because I usually just do my left for blog posts. So I decided I wanted both hands to look nice and to start from scratch. So excuse my little nails!

I've had 365 Days Of Color Birthday Bash sitting on my shelf for awhile now and I wanted to finally try it out! Its a yummy white cream base with tiny green glitters and rainbow flakes. Since I cannot resist anything sweets related I just had to have this lovely polish!

I used two coats on top of a base coat, so there's no background white or anything. It went opaque pretty quickly, which I liked. It was a little hard to get the flakes placed nicely, but I really love how it turned out. I like how the flakes are a bit covered with the white to tone them down a bit and the tiny glitter is subtle and cute. 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection

I knew as soon as I heard about the Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection I just had to have it! I've always loved anything having to do with cupcakes and also love baking. So I quickly ordered the whole set online and it came yesterday!

Sweets way is a creamy white with pastel blue, pink and silver tiny hex glitters. I used two coats and a matte top coat. The color doesn't quite show right in the photo, the color is very light and subtle. I absolutely love how this set is just packed tight with glitters, its amazing!

Pudding Lane is a delicious teal with navy blue and gold hex glitters. I fell in love with the base of this one because I just love teal. Two coats again and the nails are packed with glitter! These really do not disappoint!

Topping Lane is a sweet pink with reddish pink, purple and silver hex glitters. I really love this one because it has two of my favorite colors in it! Its nice and bright! I really love mattifying these, it just brings all the glitter out much better! I'd say they were meant to be matte.

Sugar House Lane is a scrumptious brown grey with black and silver hex glitters. I think this is one of my favorites because it just looks like chocolate with sprinkles. I love how the glitters layer on one another and become somewhat of a jelly sandwich.

I have fallen in love with this line and I can only hope they make more additions to it in the future! I think they did a fantastic job with this set and the heavily packed glitter is perfect! 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wet 'N Wild Fergie Glitters!

Today will be a short post because I'm taking care of my mother who recently got into a motorcycle accident. She's doing okay, just a fractured left arm and ankle. So while she's hopped up on drugs to take away the pain, I'm going to write a small review on two of the new Wet 'N Wild Fergie collection.

The first one that caught my eye was Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I love that there are multi-colored stars in this polish and even little tiny silver bar glitters! I used Sally Hansen Pacific Blue as a backdrop to accompany this lovely polish. Although its a bit hard to get the stars to not overlap, but if you take the time to place them one by one I think it turns out fabulous!

For my second choice I grabbed Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night, which is tiny black hex glitters paired with bigger golden hex glitter. I wanted to layer it on top of a really rich purple to pull the whole dark look together. I cannot get enough of black glitter and to be honest I'm usually not a fan of gold, but I really loved the combination! 

Even though these Wet 'N Wilds are a little more expensive than their regular stuff, I think its pretty good quality! I would definitely go back for more glitters, because you can never have too much glitter!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disney Inspiration: To Infinity And Beyond!

Toy Story always made me wonder as a child whether my toys would come to life while I was asleep or gone. I loved the concept and all the characters. The first Toy Story inspired manicure I had to try was Buzz Lightyear, he's hilarious and one of the main characters. Not to mention his whole outfit is just so colorful! 

For the accent nail I wanted to do a representation of his chest plate. I used Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime as a base. For the buttons I used Ulta Blue Streak, Sinful Colors Exotic Green and Sally Hansen Rapid Red. I took a dotting tool, made two dots and made a line to connect them. For the rest of the nails I really wanted to incorporate his wings! So I used Sally Hansen Grape Going as a base, used tape to make the white at the base of my nails. I decided to hand paint the red stripes and they came out a bit messy, but I really liked how this manicure turned out! I was sad when I noticed the topcoat was leaving bubbles though, I guess that means I need a new bottle.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mattifying Glitter!

I know this isn't exactly a new trend going around, but its something I recently tried and just fell in love with. You would think that mattifying glitter would take all the shine out of it, but it really just brings it out. I wanted to try several different looks and colors to show just how great it can really look!

For my first look I wanted to try something neon, electric and sassy! So I used Color Club Raspberry Rush as a nice deep neon pink base. I topped it with China Glaze Techno, a great holographic glitter that I snatched as soon as I laid eyes on it. After putting the matte top coat on, it just looked amazing.

My second look I'll be honest that I just wanted an excuse to use these two colors, but I thought they made a good match. I used Essie Mojito Madness as a nice spring green base. Topped with Spoiled Jewelry Heist which has lovely bronze, gold and a hint of green glitter in it. The matte top coat really made the glitter sparkle in this look, I just love it!

I can't lie when I tell you this is my absolute favorite of all these manicures. The purple and the hot pink glitter is just fabulous together! I used an unknown Cosmetic Arts neon purple as a base, its one of my favorite purples. Topped it with Milani Hot Pink, which is hot pink and silver hex glitters. Mattifying this duo was the best thing I could've done because it just looks fantastic!

For my last look I wanted something light and airy. I used Revlon Dreamer as a nice fluffy blue base. Topped it with O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle, which I recently got and love. Mattifying it only made it more soft and dreamy looking. I really like how it turned out.

I absolutely love mattifying glitter and will continue to do it all the time, but don't worry my posts won't turn into me just mattifying everything I own. I enjoy doing these types of posts, showing several different combinations of one trend. I hope you enjoy them as well!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Topsy Turvy

I've been wanting to do a Clopin manicure for the longest time and yesterday decided to do it on a whim. I always loved his character in Hunchback of Notre Dame, full of fun and always ready to party! The reason I had a few days off is after dying my hair, my poor fingernails had gotten a bit stained and I had to work to get them back to where I was able to paint them without having purple fingertips!

For my thumb and middle finger I used NYC MoMa for a pink base and Sinful Colors Neptune to half it with gold striping tape down the middle. I really liked how the two came out because they look so similar to Clopin's top. For my index and ring finger I used Orly Charged Up for the base with gold tape on top, to represent his pants. And for the pinky I was trying to go for confetti, which didn't quite turn out right. I used Sinful Colors Neptune again with some gold flakies on top. All in all I really liked the way this manicure turned out, it brings out Topsy Turvy without being too wild and crazy!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finally! The Mystery Week Reveal!

I want to apologize first for skipping so many days to reveal the surprise at the end of the week. The whole thing I was working on took a total of two days, all day and at first I didn't like the end result. Its grown on me now and I really love it and am excited to share with you!

So, what was the mystery theme of the week? Well, the secret was that every manicure I did involved purple! Whether it was purple glitter, purple polish, purple fuzz or stamping. I have always had a love for all things purple and now I've taken that a step further in my life.

I decided to dye my hair purple! My mom was a huge help this weekend, taking the time to bleach my dark brown hair and dye it purple for me. I really love how it looks and it makes me so happy! I made the decision on a whim and wanted to incorporate my readers, so I made Mystery Theme Week up for the occasion. 

I'm sorry I don't have any manicures to share today, on account of my hands and nails getting purple from curling my hair. But I'll certainly have a new post on Thursday!