Friday, June 8, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection Swatch & Review!

When Rainbow Honey released the first photo of this collection, which was 20% Cooler, I was amazed and knew I just had to have a bottle. But then there were more photos, of the rest of the mane six and I jumped at the chance to pre-order the whole collection! I was so excited to receive and review this collection, this will be my very first indie polishes and I'm so glad that I picked Rainbow Honey.

I really love the cute boxes they come in and the way the minis were packed were just too adorable!

Left to right: The Element Of Magic, Pinkie Promise, The Worst Possible Thing, 20% Cooler, A Little Kindness, Hoof Wrassle, Mare Of The Moon and Celestia.

The detail put into these gorgeous polishes doesn't stop at the polish itself or the boxes. The labels on top of each polish is old type font, which just adds to the cuteness!

Here is a close up of The Element of Magic and Pinkie Promise.

A close up of The Worst Possible Thing and 20% Cooler.

A close up of A Little Kindness and Hoof Wrassle.

And a close up of Celestia and Mare Of The Moon.

The Element Of Magic is a pink-ish purple shimmer packed with what looks like three shades of purple glitter and tiny flecks of holographic glitter. I did two thin coats over Ulta's Tutu Cute. The picture doesn't even begin to show you how gorgeous this polish is! 

Pinkie Promise is so full of glitter, its like a party cannon exploded on my nails! This is a yellow shimmer with pink, yellow and blue hexagon glitter and pink, yellow and blue bar glitter. I did two thin coats over NYC's City Sweets Pink. I wish you could see the shimmer in this photo, but alas my camera skills aren't perfect.

The Worst Possible Thing is one of the most packed polishes in this collection. There are blue, teal, purple, gold and even flakes! The flakes totally took me by surprise, but you can't really see them in this photo. I did two coats over Zoya's Mira and its just amazing. 

20% Cooler is packed with rainbow glitter! It has got to be one of my favorites, which is so hard to choose with this collection. Its a blue shimmer with a parade of glitter and is absolutely packed with coolness. I did two coats over Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away! Unfortunately the Sally Hansen stained my nails, even with a base coat, so if my cuticles look stained in other pictures...well.

A Little Kindness is a gold-pink shimmer with tons of pink and yellow glitter, but it looks like there's a surprise of  little pale green hex glitter. I used two coats over Utla's Cream Of The Crop. You really can't see the shimmer in these photos, but its just mind blowing.

Hoof Wrassle is a pleasantly bright orange shimmer with orange, red and yellow hex glitter. And it looks like this also has the pale green hex glitter, but its so subtle it doesn't effect the color flow of the rest. I did two coats over NYC's Peaches 'N Cream.

Mare Of The Moon is absolutely breath taking with its blue-ish purple shimmer, silver hex glitters and even little moons! I did two coats over Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue and just fell in love. I wish I'd been able to get a full bottle of it because its just fantastic.

And Celestia, which is a mix of green, blue, pink and purple shimmer with surprise flakes. This picture does nothing for this polish and I'm truly sorry about that! But you can see the beauty of it in the bottle picture above. I did two coats over Color Club's Take Me To Your Chateau. This polish is just amazing and shows you just how talented Rainbow Honey really is. Their mix of colors, shimmers, glitters...its just perfection.

These polishes really catch the personality and appearance of each pony. Every bottle is its own treasure and none disappoint! All in all I'd have to say this is the best indie purchase I could have made. I am so proud to be an owner of this collection as its just true beauty in a bottle. And I hope to buy more colors from them in the future!


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