Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mystery Theme Week: Stamping

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I wanted to spend more time using and also doing a little review on my DRK-A nail plate. When I received it I was so excited to start using it, every manicure for the week included stamping. And what better way than to include it into my Mystery Week!

For my first look I used Butter London's Scoundrel as a base. I wanted something cute, dainty. So I used white to stamp on this adorable little design. It turned out great! The images are actually too big for my little Konad stamper, so I might invest in an XL stamper soon. 

The next look I used Wet 'N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint as a base and Zoya Malia for the stamp. The only problem I had with this design is you can see on the middle finger that parts of the stamp didn't quite get filled, so there's some little spots, but I still think it looks really pretty!

For my third look I used a Color Club mystery purple, its very soft and when I put it on it almost looks pink. I really like the stamp design, because the two together made me think of some old love letter written in fancy script. I had a bit of trouble getting the stamp on my tips, as you can see. But I still really loved the outcome.

All in all, I absolutely love this stamping plate. Its well worth the money and has tons of designs that are big enough for long or wide nails. I can't get enough of full nail stamp designs and this is a perfect plate!

As for Mystery Week, its coming to a close. I wanted to let my reader's participate a little and try to guess what all this weeks posts have in common with one another! Let me know in the comments what you think of this week and I'll have a big reveal on Saturday!



  1. I thought it might be things from when you were younger, but then today stumped me!

    Perhaps things you liked when you were first getting into polish?

    1. Those are some really good guesses! Its a little more simple though. :)

  2. A great idea - to have theme weeks!!