Thursday, June 14, 2012

Clothing Inspired!

So I recently added a boat load of dresses to my wardrobe for summer. I finally got up the confidence to wear what I want and not think of other people's opinion of me. As long as I think I look good, that's all that matters! When I was younger I used to just wear black, grey with tiny bits of color. But now I just love color, patterns, lace, flowy fabric! I got some inspiration from two of my dresses, so let me share them with you.

You can't really see the shirt, but it had a similar paisley pattern. I had just gotten this Konad plate and was anxious to use it, so this was a perfect opportunity! I used Sinful Colors Rise And Shine as a base and for the stamp I used Sally Hansen Co-Bolt blue. The stamping didn't come out perfect, but lets be honest when does stamping ever go perfectly on every finger? I really love the two blues together, I'll have to use the combo in the future.

When I first picked up this dress, I thought it was leopard print. The flowers are so tiny and cute! I used China Glaze Four Leaf Clover for the base. For the flowers I used Finger Paints Amethyst Atelier and Zoya Mira with little dots of Sinful Colors Unicorn in the middle. I think if I ever did this manicure again I'd make the flowers bigger, but I still like it.


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