Monday, May 7, 2012

Sharing My Workspace

I was trying to think of a good post that would be big enough to make up for my missed day. I was so busy trying to get my nails done for the reception and get everything ready to go that I didn't have time to write up a quick blog. I know, I probably should've written one earlier so I could just post it then. I'm definitely going to keep that in mind for next time. Before I share my workspace with you, here is the manicure I wore to the reception.

I used Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Blue Me Away! as a base color. The glitter was a pain to place, one by one and line them up. I had to cut pieces in half so I could put them around the edges and sides. There wasn't any spot that didn't have a piece of glitter covering my nails. I took a quick picture in the car before we got there, so that I didn't look odd taking a picture of my nails at a wedding reception. I really love this full nail armor look, but if I ever do it again...I'll have to clear a whole day to get both hands done!

On to my workspace! Right now my computer desk is surrounded by polish drawers, bottles and accessories. I'd love to have a separate desk for my manicures, racks on the walls or even a nice room of my own. But right now my desk is in the living room, since my apartment is a small one bedroom. I'm hoping to move soon and upgrade to a two bedroom! So first of all, let me show you the polish collection I had before this turned into a passion.

Here was my poor little collection, which consisted of: a Color Club collection I got from Ross, some Sally Hansens, a few Sinful Colors, Wet 'N Wilds, an Essie, a China Glaze and two Finger Paints that were clearance. But my collection grew and grew and...grew! Now I have almost three hundred bottles and am running out of space to put them!

These are the drawers that I have placed under my desk. There are two big drawers where I keep most of my polish and nail art accessories. There are bottles of remover to the left, for some reason my HS diploma is on the right and on top are books, boxes and...deodorant? Heh. I have a bunch of small boxes and bubble wrap on top for swaps or gifts that come up. I also keep two notebooks up there: One is my wishlist and the other has swatches from my Disney Inspiration collection.

This is the bottom drawer, where I keep most of my polish. I organize by color, but not so much as to organize light to dark colors. And then on the right are all of my glitters, flakies and other special effect coats. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to shove bottles and remove bottles just to fit most of the polish in there now. The only reason all of these fit is because I made a drawer specifically for Color Club polish and then I have a platter on my desk with other brands I like.

Here is my nail art accessory drawer! I have fimo sticks in a container in the back, glitter, hole punches, toe separators, nail files, striping tape. There's also Bundle Monster's nail art brush set, which really comes in handy sometimes. I have cotton rounds for removing polish, I find them easier to use than cotton balls. Tape for taping, nail wheels, a nail buffer, more glitter! My stamper, scraper and magnets for my magnetic polish. In the front right corner are my nail striper polishes, top coats, base coats, white and black polish, some scented minis. And in the front left corner are little tubes of flake glitter and tiny beads that I've seen used for fish egg manicures.

This is one of the smaller drawers where I keep my nail stamping plates and craft scissors for taping. I own both Bundle Monster plate collections, excited to get the third! The only other two plates I have are a free one I got from and a fauxnad plate of Konad's Q1, which is easily my favorite. I keep the plates in gardening foam to keep them standing up, its much easier to see them that way and keeps them from getting scratched.

And here is my Color Club drawer. I never thought I'd own so much Color Club, but I do always pick a collection up from Ross when I see one I don't have yet. I do have four that you can see in the upper right corner, with the flower on top, that didn't come from a collection. Two are from the Christmas collection that was exclusively at Sally's Beauty Supply, one I found hiding at Bed Bath and Beyond and the last one I picked up at Rite Aid. I was really surprised to find it at Rite Aid, but I'm definitely going to check there more often.

And here is what I have on my desk because there's really no where else to keep it. My two tier platter has all my: China Glaze, Revlon, Ulta, Nubar, OPI, my Finger Paints flakies, my only Butter London and an Essie I won from Cosmo. I just received the OPI mini collection of Spider-Man because I couldn't decide on a full size bottle and I love Spider-Man! The Deborah Lippmann/Lady Gaga Edge Of Glory set I was able to purchase from a fellow blogger, two Deborah Lippmann, a Man Glaze, a Layla holo and the Sephora Betsey Johnson scented polish.

Do I have too much? In my head, no way! I'm sure my husband thinks I have enough though. But I really love collecting, being able to blog and share manicures with everyone. I wasn't so sure that having a nail blog was the right path for me, but I really think it is. And I want to thank you all for supporting me, reading my posts and giving me the confidence to keep this blog going. I have some big plans in the works to make this blog even bigger and better! I hope you all stick around!


  1. This post is filled with so much awesome!!

    First off, your manicure is stunning!!!

    Second, your collection is amazing and thank you for sharing the photos!! I lurve looking at other collectors stashes! :D

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've always been afraid of sharing my collection because I didn't want it to come off as bragging. But I did eventually want to share my workspace. :)

  2. I love the glitter manicure!! It looks like a mermaid to me. I also love seeing stash/storage pictures! My nail polish is all over the place right now, I want to get a Helmer sometime. :-)

    1. Thank you! I love looking at stash pictures as well. Its nice to see what others have collected. I'd love to get a helmer, but I would like to display my collection. So drawers aren't cutting it for me anymore. :p