Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Miss Lottie!

Miss Charlotte Leboeuf, she's her own princess. A girly girl, who loves pink and is waiting for her prince to sweep her off her feet. I decided to do two simple manicures to represent Miss Lottie and all her sparkly pink-ness.

This first manicure it more reminiscent of her at the ball, when she throws the glitter to complete her royal entrance. I used Wet 'N Wild's Candy-licious as a nice princess pink with Confetti's Pink Confetti to glitter it up! The photo doesn't really do this glitter justice, but its the best I could get.

My second look is what I'd like to call "Mardi Gras Weddin'!", I wanted it to look almost like cake. I went with a lighter pink, Color Club's Bashful, so it almost looked like frosting. And sprinkled Spoiled's Pet My Peacock on top for some Mardi Gras colors. 

I'd have to say the second is my favorite, maybe its because it fits so well or maybe I just like cake related things too much. Just a little note: Saturday's post is going to be a little short, I have a wedding reception to go to. But I will definitely share the manicure I rock at the reception on Monday!


  1. So lovely! I would never wear anything so pink but it suits the character perfectly. I like the second one has such pretty glitter in it!

  2. The first one is my favorite but I am a big glitter fan, they both look amazing though!!