Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Fauxnad Plate

I just wanted to share the fantastic new fauxnad plate I got in the mail yesterday! It was a copy of the popular Konad Q1 plate. I found it on eBay from samuelwsk333 and it didn't disappoint!

I was dying to use the full nail design up top. I expected to have to cut my nails down a bit because most full nail designs won't fit to my nail, but this one was surprisingly long. The full design is actually too long for my stamper! I decided to go with something light, so I used NYC City Sweets collection's Mint Macaroon with Sinful Colors' Snow Me White. 

Here it is with flash:

And without:

The design turned out really well! Around the edges it didn't want to come off the stamper, but its easy to place the little stars and dots where its needed. I really love the little cupcake and ice cream cone, the mint really compliments the design. I'm am so in love with this plate, I'd have to say its my favorite!


  1. This plate is AWESOME! I need to buy me a bunch of fauxnad plates.
    I really like the stars stripe on the plate as well... I must find this~

  2. Yeah, I really love it. There's a link in my blog to the site you can buy it. :D