Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Poor Unfortunate Souls

So, I've thought about it and decided that the villains should get some attention as well!

Ursula is the absolute diva of the sea, not to mention truly evil. Although when you think about it, how exactly does she paint her nails under water? Hmm. No matter, I'm sure she'd rock this manicure on land when she's busy stealing princes from other women.

I did a little layering this time. Starting out with Finger Paints' Amethyst Atelier as a base, its my favorite dark purple. Then Wet 'N Wild's Eggplant Frost for some shine. On top of that I used a deep purple with a pinch of glitter, its an unnamed Color Club that I got in the All About Color collection at Ross. To top that off I used Sally Hansen Ink Splatter shatter to create a gritty tentacle type look. But, there's a secret to this manicure...

Now I've never done painting underneath my nails, but this just felt right. Ursula does have tentacles and underneath the top side, there's purple underneath. I used Cosmetic Arts' unnamed bright purple for spice!

I love the underside of this manicure and will definitely be incorporating more of this technique into my series. But don't worry, I won't go overboard with it! Its just feisty enough for sassy villains.



  1. I love the Loubou mani look! I've always wanted to try it, but I'm always worried that my nails are too dirty.

    1. All I did was use a Q-Tip to clean them first and make sure I got all the dirt out. Its not as hard as it seems. :D