Friday, April 13, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Flower Gleam And Glow

Tangled is one of the newer Disney films, but its just as fantastic as the others in my opinion. Its sure to become its own Disney classic movie. I wanted something magical for this manicure. I really wanted to do the sun symbol that appears all over the kingdom, but I couldn't get it just right. So I decided to focus on the flower that started it all.

As a base I used Ulta's Tutu Cute, a nice airy purple. I layered Pure Ice's Busted for some sparkle, can't forget the glitter! And for once I actually used a stamp, its a plate I got from I'm sure you know that I used Color Club's Gingerbread Man for the magic flower. 

I'm actually really surprised that the stamping turned out so well! I don't use them much because I usually get smeared designs or they don't pick up at all! But I think I've learned that when it comes to stamping, metallic polish is your friend. Learn something new everyday!



  1. These are so pretty! You did a great job capturing that flower - that purple is totally Rapunzel.

    1. Thank you! I really wanted to use the Pure Ice Busted because the glitter shifts from pink/purple to gold and those are all Rapunzel colors. :)

  2. This is so lovely (and so was the movie)!! :D