Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Down The Rabbit Hole

"The time has come my little friends, to talk of other things..."

Its finally time to take a trip down the rabbit hole! I talked about this manicure in my first "Disney Inspiration" post and skipped it for a request. Take a look at this picture of Alice falling down the rabbit hole:

The whole time she's falling, the room is changing vivid colors. This part in the movie has stuck with me for ages. I wanted to challenge myself to re-create this wonderful scene. Now before I go through the process of getting the end result and all the photos, I want to explain something. This series that I've decided to do, I feel I need to explain a little about it before going further.

When I first came up with my Mermaid's Lagoon manicure, I thought that trying to convey a scene or character in a movie without actually painting a picture was slightly unique. Sure I can try to paint a vivid picture or the character's face on my nails and everyone will understand it, but its a lot more fun to use colors, glitters, flakies and subtle clues as to what I'm trying to portray.

Lets continue on with the best part! Now the room around Alice is just a simple neutral color, so I used Sinful Colors' Nirvana as a base color. Then I layered Sally Hansen's LCD on top, because its a great color that changes from pink to blue with different angles. And to top it off I used Fingerpaints' Motley. ( I know, I use flakies WAY too much...but they're just so fun!) The end result was really pleasing, I got the perfect amount of blue, pink, purple and green. Here are three photos of the swatch, at different angles to show the changing color.

I think this is a really great portrayal of the room Alice falls in, but once again the picture of it actually on my nails doesn't do it justice. Ah well, maybe next time.

I'm excited to say that this series will be going on for quite awhile. I even bought a nice notebook to keep my swatches and colors that I've used on my ideas. Its already filling up pretty quickly. I can't wait to continue with this! If you have any suggestions you'd like to see me try to re-create don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll do my best!


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