Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disney Inspiratioin: Good And Evil Collide

This post won't be your typical Disney Inspiration, we're taking a different approach. I've been wanting to do this manicure for awhile now and am so glad I'm finally getting it out there.

Epic Mickey is a really wonderful game and takes on a darker side of Disney. This game is a whole different kind of Disney magic. As you may know, you play as Mickey Mouse himself and can decide whether to be good or evil. Using paint to create and thinner to destroy. I love the concept and could play this game forever.

Awhile back I did a gradient dot tutorial (Here.) and immediately thought of doing that design for Epic Mickey. So I took Revlon's Super Nature and Milani's Dude Blue. Mind you, I was a little tipsy when I did this design, so its a bit off. But I still loved it, I actually got a compliment on it asking if I had nail stickers on! I thought that was a HUGE compliment, made my day.

Speaking of Disney, I'm excited to be going to Disney this weekend. I wanted to have a really colorful and fun manicure to go with my trip. So here is a bonus manicure for the weekend! I noticed none of the rainbow glitters I own have purple glitter, so I decided to complete the rainbow with a purple base color. I used Wet 'N Wild's On A Trip and Milani's Gems.


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