Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Inspiration: Mermaid's Lagoon

I've been thinking a TON about Disney lately, most likely because I'm planning on going to One More Disney Day for my birthday! I can't even imagine being able to spend 24 hours in Disneyland and its so rare an occasion. So its safe to say my next few manicures will be Disney related. And what better way to start than by dropping by Neverland for some inspiration.

(Photo from Alce1977's Deviant Art)

Even though the lovely ladies in the Mermaid's Lagoon only get a few moments, its just enough to pull you under water. I wanted something to represent the beautiful water, but also the magic of it all.

So I pulled together Sinful Colors' Savage, China Glaze's Fairy Dust and Fingerpaints' Special Effects Flakie Motley. The sad part is that my camera couldn't pick up the beauty of the combination on my nails, but luckily I was able to capture just some of the glimmer on a swatch.

I am in love with this beautiful combo! To me, this really captures Mermaid's Lagoon and the magic of Neverland. I'm just sad I couldn't get the effect to show on my nails, but they look just like the swatch in person.

 I cannot wait to do another Disney inspired combination like this! Maybe next time I'll venture down the rabbit hole.                                                           Enjoy!