Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bracelet Inspiration

Lately I've been trying to get new ideas for manicures. I was passing my jewelry tree and noticed one of my favorite bracelets. I remember seeing it in the store, it jumped out at me and made me think of Tron a bit. And I do love Tron.

I'll post a better close up to understand the detail of each bead. The blue jewels really shine in them and there are smaller bumps around the jewels. Its an interesting piece and although I don't wear it much, I do really love it.

I wanted to re-create the design so I took some blue jewels I had and some black micro beads. Used Ulta Smoke Screen as the base. Then placed the jewels and beads. Unfortunately the beads bled....a really odd red actually. I did expect them to bleed, just not such a vivid red. But anyway, here is the result!

I was really pleased how it turned out, other than bleeding. But after doing one hand it got tiring and the bleeding looks bad. So I'm going to be re-doing my nails. What next? You'll have to stick around and see!


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