Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Warm Up With Hot Cocoa Nails

So I've been seeing a lot of Christmas/Winter themed nails lately for the Holidays and was wondering what a unique take on Winter nails could be. I finally came up with the idea for hot cocoa!

Here's a close up of the thumb.
And a close up on the pinky.

Here's what I used:
Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Slick Slate, a no name brand of chocolate scented polish, Wet 'N Wild French White Creme and Revlon Pink Ice.

First I used Sally Hansen's Hardening Base Coat, then applied Slick Slate. After the coat dried I used the skewer for the lines on the nails, behind the mugs. Then I applied a tiny bit of topcoat for the mugs so they would stay on my nail. Once it dried I used the skewer again to add the marshmallow dots, steam swirls and hearts on the pinky. To get the little cocoa mugs just right I used the Ziplok decal method, which is where you paint your design on a Ziplok bag, cut it out and place it on the nail. Not too tricky a task, but it can go wrong. 

I was really pleased at how they had turned out and will definitely be wearing this design again.

Hope you enjoyed!

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